Woodlands #2
Woodlands is a lovely name and it was just that painting this series. I was attracted and inspired by the lush colors of the seasons and worked with imagination to give a sense of modern abstraction and simplicity to each painting. This is the very first time that they have been exhibited. More can be learned about this event at www.camanostudiotour.com

Please visit my studio which is about 15 minutes off of I-5 in the northern part of Camano Island. Also at my studio will be Sally Chang with her "perfectly imperfect hand built pottery for table and home and Rick Klauber with calming ancient art of natural stone on hand carved wood.

The dates of the tour are May 11,12,13, and May 19 & 20.

Come to studio 21 and enjoy the ample off of the street parking and three artists with a variety of objects to look at and enjoy.


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