I like the way you use abstraction blending with representational.
-- Mark Kertzman, 3/16/24

Dotti, I had the pleasure of meeting you yesterday at your studio and am in love with the print I came home with. You are a firecracker and a true inspiration! Thank you for sharing your talent with us.
-- Gwen Hartsock, 5/13/23

Dotti, I really miss you!!! How are you and your wonderful family?? Lov/Huggs Norma
-- Norma Jenner, 9/26/22

Your work is amazing and we are in love with our new painting.
-- Jd Watson , 5/14/22

-- Gary Tanji, 9/8/20

Can you confirm that your painting, "Threesome" is in the 2014 volume of Acrylic Works - The Best of Acrylic Painting. I found one on Ebay, but want to confirm that is the correct volume before I purchase. Thank you!
-- Susan Styner, 3/9/20

I'm with NWWS and as program chair, I look for fantastic local artists to present in water media at our meetings . .
-- Dolores Marquez, 2/11/20

It was a pleasure to meet you today at Jayne’s and see some of your paintings....very inspiring
-- Arlene Mraz, 3/12/19

Totally looking forward to your visit on Wednesday!
-- Pamela Searcy, 8/21/18

Greetings! My name is john scotfield from SC. I actually observed my wife has been viewing your website on my laptop and i guess she likes your piece of work, I'm also impressed and amazed to have seen your various works too, : ) You are doing a great job. I would like to receive further information about your piece of work and what inspires you. I am very much interested in the purchase of the piece (in subject field above) to surprise my wife. Kindly confirm the availability for immediate sales. Thanks and best regards, john.
-- John Scotfield, 5/18/17

Like your website and your work. Good to meet you the other day.
-- Kevin Blackburn, 11/3/16

"Mission Beach" sure looks like Mission Beach. The only thing missing is us.
-- Ernest Jenner, 2/22/16

Dotti! Oh, Dotti!! please edit and cut down these comments. Your website has my emotional mouth hanging open. I started a week ago, and was stunned by the enormity of your artwork. It's taken a week to study. At age 13, my parents took us every weekend to galleries in New York city for a year, so I envision your paintings spiraling up the ramp of the Guggenheim, to be appreciated as they/you so deserve!! I have no art training, no knowledge of observational skills for art, especially for abstract art. But, from that ignorant place, you draw me (sic). Dotti, you're awesome! Your fruits are so took me a week to see them all. Stylistically, your art is stratospherically diverse! That is SO rare. I love your titles, reflecting your intense emotional expression in each painting...."Celestial Dreamer," Is it Time?," "Shortcut," "Rejoice." Abstract in varying degrees, always dimensional, your feeling for color breadth and choice, your skill with depth, saturation and transparency, are warm, inventive, lifting, inspired. So many favorites....Pond with Iris, Lifting Mist.......I have a question regarding New Reflections.....Is there a horse in there Dotti? I want to turn Timeless II 90 degrees right. lol Thanks for all your outpouring of sharing all you are. You're awesome. I look forward to learning. Norma Jenner, 10/4/2014
-- Norma Jenner, 10/4/14

I really like your artwork. Your abstracts are absolutely wonderful!!!
-- Cathryn A. Ward, 7/21/14

Love your work. Hope to own one soon.
-- Sue Walker, 3/27/14

And I thought that I was your best abstract, guess I was wrong. I am so proud of your work and the journey that art is taking you on.
-- Jeff Burton, 7/26/13

Hi,tried go by design center after going to Daniel smith , but was closed for Sundays. Congradulations on all your work. I really miss classi learned much from you. As I paint more your lessons start coming back thanks for all you taught me
-- Diane Cannon, 4/17/13

Wow- Am I impressed- I love all your work but the abstracts just knock my socks off!...
-- Tis Huberth , 3/27/13

I saw your pieces in Kirkland 2/19. I thoroughly enjoyed them.
-- Eileen Forrest, 2/20/13

-- Myrna Overstreet, 1/30/13

Dotti: So pleasant to meet you today. My husband and I thoroughly enjoyed the River Gallery and especially "Embrace." We hope to see you again soon. Sincerely, Carole
-- Carole Hanaway, 4/20/12

Felice CiprianiFantastic !!! cheers Felice
-- Felice Cipriani, 9/24/09

I enjoy or friendship and I have always loved your work!
-- Vicki Carver, 9/21/09

Dotti, I love your Floral it's fabulous. Best of luck to you.
-- Sahar Bashi, 6/30/09

Love your site & your work.Beautiful! I've been on your site before, but wanted to say "HI" again... Thanks
-- James, 4/25/09

Mom: This is very impressive!!!!
-- Kim, 1/16/09

Sean Ritchwoodyour work is so beautiful!!
-- Sean Ritchwood, 10/8/08